Hello Fine Fellow HUmans!


Just a quick little post today….

Trying a few new things with my Life, Abilities, Gifts, Insights…..

Time to grow again…..and again, and again….LOL!

Expanding from Blogsite to Website ……  next steps in the Evloutionary process that is Me. 😉

While setting up the website….all past blogs were deleted.

Why did they need to be deleted?….

BEcause….I got  ahead of myself and my abilities.  I thought I knew what I was doing….HA HA HA HA! and clicked a bunch of buttons that made a mess.

When contacting the very Helpful…Wordpress Help People…..I was given 2 choices…one would save earlier blog posts…..or we could start from scratch.

After a brief pause…..ok…a little longer than brief….(the fine person that was helping me via chat help…asked if I was still there…LOL!)  I choose to have everything deleted so I could start from scratch.

This is a New Endeavour….and I decided to trust that I made a mess so that I had the time to understand that there was no need to hang to any of the old posts.

“Letting Go” comes in a variety of ways….sometimes easy, sometimes challenging, sometimes down right nasty….but always worth it….BEcause it makes room for the “New” to enter our lives….INspiring Awakening, INsight and Growth.

Light, Love,  and INspiration,



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