Connect The Dots

Hind sight is 20/20.
We always know what could have been done differently or what worked really well by looking back.
Looking back is a great tool…one however, with a slippery slope.
When pausing to reflect on experience’s, BE aware of what your internal dialogue feels like.
How does the story in your head make you feel?
Negative Internal dialogue sabotage’s our ability to Trust…INternally and externally…double whammie!
By looking back with compassionate objectivity …we have the opportunity to more clearly “Connect the Dots”.
We allow ourselves the space to see, feel and understand our past experiences and the lessons/purposes they provide.
The more we understand the point to our experiences, the more we grow the ability to choose well.   Even in difficult or challenging situations.
The more “Dots we Connect”, the more capable we are of  seeing the patterns created by Choices, Responses, and of BEhaviours.
The patterns that work well, and the patterns that cause more grief than is truly needed to be experienced!
You know the ones…the repeating lessons that get more and more challenging every time they appear!
AND always end up with “Why does this keep happening to me?” rolling around in your head.
We each leave a trail of Dots behind us.  A map of where we have been.  Showing ourselves, that when we listen to Our Self…we Thrive.
When we Thrive we BEgin to gain confidence in our ability to choose and respond well.
The more confident we BEcome..the more we TRUST Our Self.
The more we Trust Our Self, the more regularly we Hear our own INnate Guidance.
The more we Hear our INnate Guidance, the more Ease-Filled and Seamless our moments BEcome…whether those moments feel good, bad or indifferent.
BE encouraged to Connect the Dots….they have the ability to Unlock Limitless Potential!
Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,


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