Sometimes a Re-Read….is like you’re reading it for the first time 😉

Hello Again! 🙂



Funny thing…Observational Insight seems to be presenting itself on a regular basis.  Seriously…..the Moments within the day, where my Awareness kicks in and says …”Hey…this means something” are getting closer and closer together..accelerated, if you will.

And, it’s got me musing.

This process of Evolution…Ascension….Higher Awareness…Collective Consciousness….BEingness….whatever handle you wish to put on it….. IS challenging.

Growing a HeartMind is seriously the most challenging, crazy, awesome, rewarding, did I mention challenging?  Process that my current Awareness can absorb.

What’s this “Growing a Heart Mind” you are babbling about, Alisa?

We are in an unprecedented and uncharted place in  our Human Evolution.  The Guidebooks we have been given, have spelled it out for centuries.

It’s INSIDE.  Inside Each and Every Human.

Our Heart Mind is that place within our physical bodies that Remember.  Everything.

Everything that is Needed and Created.

It’s the sweet spot where the Emotional Heart meets the Logical Brain…and it instinctively KNOWS what the Highest Good in Any circumstance or experience is.  Where WE instinctively KNOW what the Highest Good of the Moment is.

We stopped listening to it Long Long Ago.  In a Land Far Far Away.  It’s where Humans used to live from.  Where it was a knowing that we are each innately Kind, Honest, Respectful, Compassionate, Grateful, Forgiving, Integral, Ethical, Brave, Responsible, Gentle, Hopeful, Faithful, Honourable, Intelligent, Confident, and WORTHY.

Our Heart Minds have been systematically broken to the brink of extinction.

Humans are Awakening…Becoming “fed up” with the “status quo”.  We are allowing ourselves once again, to recognize that Imbalance in the World is a reflection of the  Imbalance Within each individual SELF.

We are Allowing ourselves to BEcome Objective…and KNOW there IS enough for Everyone…and that Scarcity, Separation, and Conflict are Illusions that have been created, to keep us distracted from Hearing our Heart Minds.

Learning to re-Grow Our Heart Mind is uncharted territory.  

Why is Uncharted you ask?…Ok….I’ll shall share. 🙂 

(oh, and if you didn’t ask the question in your head….now is the time to press the X and close this out, unless you are still intrigued…then by all means…..Read ON!  🙂   )

How we each activate our Heart Mind…is as individual as WE ARE.  No two people will do this exactly the same way. 

We may have practices that are similar, that assist on our “Journey”, but at the end of the day….How I keep my Heart Mind open and functioning…will differ from how you do it…and that in turn will be different than how Joe Blow down the street does it.

Less How…More Do, so to speak.

Every single one of us has one…a Heart Mind that is.  It is a choice to BEcome Aware of it…and a choice to develop it or not.  If there is no desire to dig deep into your Inner Workings of Self….no pressure!!!  😉  Trust me…if you are supposed to…it will keep hitting you in the head until you are unable to ignore it any longer.

I tried..now look where I am and what I do… HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Choosing to Learn to Develop the Heart Mind takes strength, courage, tenacity, determination, and a lot of practice.  And even then…we are ALL HUman…someday’s the sucker will just stay on mute.

It plays a big part in how Unity is created.

HUmans have been trying for a very long time to get Unity to take hold from the Outside in…and that seems to have proven itself fairly ineffective.

Unity Is Created from Within.   And a functioning Heart Mind….no matter how you activate/connect it…is where it all starts.

Much Gratitude,










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