via Daily Prompt: Broken

Each time we feel broken,

When life has too much strain,

And from our outward view,

Our eyes see only pain.

It is then, in those moments,

To turn the sight within,

And know that from broken,

We ALL BEgin again.

The Burdens we choose to carry,

are lessons in disguise,

for they hold within, the pathway,

To Living fully in Our Lives.

Learning to understand this,

Takes a willing heart,

One that with Objectivity,

Will see the fresh new start,

Waiting to be seen and heard,

Patiently,  as we Grow.

For Each and Every HUman,

Has a path that is all their Own.

Carry the burdens that are truly yours,

Learn from them day by day,

Supporting, Loving, Encouraging Others,

To choose to do the same.





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