via Daily Prompt: Retrospective

Looking Back is a “Catch 22”

It’s an easy place to stay,

Where the Memory plays tricks with you,

When Emotions guide the way.

For Emotions felt in the moments,

That filled us up with Joy,

Is often where we’d like to BE,

Forever and Always.

Without the times of Unease,

Without the Challenges Great,

WE would Be missing the Lessons,

That Bring the Heart to Grace.

Looking Back is a useful tool,

When our viewpoint stays Objective,

Allowing ourselves to see Our Self,

Clearly in Retrospective.

Thank You ALL Daily Post Peoples!!!  Every One who has ever had a hand in this group….Although I only discovered this in the last couple of weeks…..what I have learned will last a Lifetime!  🙂

Big Bright Blessings and Much Gratitude,







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