The Eyes Never Lie

Awaken Each morning,

Look in the Mirror,

Notice your Eyes,

And See Your Self clearer.

The Eyes are truly,

The windows to the Soul,

A Reflection of the Care,

To Our Selves we do show.

When Lighted and Happy,

They Sparkle and Shine,

Reflecting connection,

To the Self Divine.

If the eyes that we’re peering,

Have lost their Light,

Help may be Needed,

The Heart to Re-Ignite.

For ALL Eyes are a Key,

To the Wellness Within,

Both of Self and in Other’s

A point of Recognition.

So Look in the “Windows”,

The story in the Eyes,

Are they dim or ALighted?

The Eyes never Lie.


Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,

Alisa 🙂













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