Slighted…..A Perspective.

When  a Human Being (the Slighter) dismiss’ another (the Slighted) as unimportant, it stings, right there in the center of the chest.  No One enjoy’s feeling “small” and “disrespected”.  Nor should they.   It’s uncalled for, and unnecessary.

When we find ourselves on the receiving end of someone else’s yuk, it can be quite difficult to remain objective.  Our instinct is to be hurt.  The hurt generally morphs into being insulted and quickly feeds anger.  Once that ball gets rolling, watch out….the “Slighter”  ends up with exactly what they wanted in the first place. You feel bad (empty) and they feel less empty. (which in a warped way is “good” for them).

Arrogant,  self-absorbed, dismissive, condescending attitudes and behaviors,  are very quick ways to make the offending party  feel “bigger”, “fuller”, if you will.

A lack of  clear, solid self-awareness and authentic self-esteem are most often behind the mask these humans wear outwardly.  “Slighter’s” would energetically starve do death if they were unable feed off the insecurities of really good, kindhearted, honest, respectful, sensitive BEings.

Energetically speaking…the “Slighted” becomes an energetic food source.  Their precious Lighted energy,  discourteously feasted on.

Over and Over “Slighters” put other’s down, to offset the fathomless emptiness within.

Creating feelings of  hurt, anger, resentment, the “Slighter” helps themselves to a lovely and filling three course dinner.  Temporarily full, they move on to the next unsuspecting buffet.

Over and Over they put other’s down, to offset the “hunger” within themselves.

How do we respond to this?

Well…we can keep the angry, hungry yuk ball rolling.

We can choose to hold onto it and let it fester within. Allowing it to suck the “Light” out of us indefinitely.

We can choose to respond with anger.  Fueling the experience into a full-blown raging inferno of combativeness. Which incidentally…also sucks the Light out of us.

We can choose to dump the yuk on the next person we meet/see. (more Light drainage going on)  Same result from a different action…taking Light from someone to offset the dark that has been so grace-less-ly shared.


We can choose to BEcome objective.

Simple, Yes.

Easy, No.

Keep in mind, that one of my favorite sayings is….”Simple and Easy are different things.  Simple means there are very few steps. Easy means there is very little effort.”

The ability to regain your platform of “Objective” after unceremoniously being diminished is anything but easy….however….worth the effort.

We’re going to feel the emotions.  We’re supposed to feel the emotions.   Emotions are our  internal warning/response system.  They let us know when positive and negative forces show up.  They are also directional signs.

Which direction best serves YOU?

With practice, our own response time from Slighted to Objective decreases. (yes….we all generally experience this many times as we hone our skills. 😉 )

In the moment it is pretty challenging to remember to Pause, Breathe in Light, Exhale Light, and form an articulate, clear, healthy boundary type response.   BUT…it IS DO-Able.

The key is to be able to get yourself into a place where your objectivity is solid.  Where you are able to approach said Human…see how damaged they are inside, and speak your truth with firm, concise, clear and kind words.  Words that are effective because they are free from hurt, judgement, criticism, blame, anger, resentment.

Example:  I am sorry that your human experience is so empty of Kindness, Joy and Love that the only way to feel better is make another person feel insignificant.

Or something to that effect, in your own words and way of course!

When we are able to pull the “it’s Personal” out of the situation we allow ourselves to see the “Slighter’s”, the “Bullies”, for the broken human’s they currently are.  We BEcome self-empowered in a way that some of these humans will completely miss experiencing in their lifetimes.

Human’s are born free of  negative energy.   We ARE born filled up with Love, Joy, Kindness, Laughter, Secure in Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Insight.  As we grow it is the  experiences we have that foster or repel a negative lens.

If someone is taught to see the world through a lens of arrogance, dismissive-ness and the such…then they really are walking around unthinking that it is done any other way.

Let the “Slighter’s”, “Bullies”,  carry their own yuk.

Learn to see these individuals as a Reflection of what human wounded-ness looks like.

Look beyond the surface or exterior of their human form.  The outward appearance is an illusion, no matter how pretty or ragged it might be.

Allow yourself to SEE and Understand how rotten it must be to exist,  walking around unable to feel authentic Goodness.

Empty of all that Truly matters in a Human Life.

Incidentally…..when Jesus said “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”   I BElieve he was trying to teach us to understand the complete lack of awareness that IS embodied in persecutors of all denomination.

WE ALL are Humans who Have Been, ARE or Will Be wounded at one time and another in Heart, Mind and Spirit.  Forgiveness comes when we choose to recognize our own wounds reflected in the behaviors of others.

So take your time…lick your wounds….find your strength….your objectivity…your confidence….your words….and then with quiet, firm, kindness …Speak.

Speak with your Head up…Eyes making Eye contact…Chin slightly raised, firm…..and with Compassionate Forgiveness securely nestled in your heart.


Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,









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