Hear the Self

When we stop and focus our Awareness,

To what is going on,

BEcoming quiet and observant,

We Balance our Heart Song.

Step One, is to take a Pause,

Breathe Deeply in and out,

As many times as is required,

Until  Calm securely sprouts.

Step two, is to Allow the space,

For the quiet to take hold,

Feel the change in our perspective,

Allowing our courage to unfold.

Step 3 is where we begin the Hear,

Guidance from within,

Giving us the clarity,

To Know our Direction.

Step 4 is where it comes together,

Opening the door,

To Confidently move ahead,

To BEcome a little more.

Step 5 is where the voice is heard,

As we BEgin to speak,

Aligning words and actions,

With quiet clarity.

Step 6 is where we realize,

That all along we knew,

That Strength, it grows from Balance,

In everything we do.

Divine is the Spark in Each of Us,

A Gift for Us to Grow,

And when we learn to Hear the Self,

Our Song we Remember to KNOW.


Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,











Step three, is when you begin to speak,

With words kind and firm,

Acknowledging the HUman first,

Allows your voice to be Heard.

Step four is the one that lifts the Heart,

From the burden(s) unkindly dumped,

For once we embrace the courage to speak,

Our fears we learn to trump.

Step Five, is where we start to thrive,

As we feel the burden lifting,

Heart expanding, open wide

In the chest…something shifting.

Step Six is where we Anchor In,

The Remembered Voice Inside,

The Gentle, Honest, Healing One,

That is our Loving Guide.

Step Seven is to Pause again,

Grateful for the Lesson(s),


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