This whole blog was inspired in a moment…when I realized that the adolescent ears in front of me had completely turned off.  Incidentally, it happened about the same time the eyes glazed over.

Rather than continue to grow my frustration in the situation….I changed directions and  stopped myself from repeating the words that were turning into “another lecture” and simply said….

“Listen…..I have set myself up to learn some crazy hard, painful, nasty lessons for two reasons…

One…so I could learn and grow….

and Two….so, if you choose to listen, you may be able to understand the same lessons, without having to experience the crazy hard, painful and nasty parts.

Or not…it’s Always your Choice.”

That run on statment….got me to thinking about Wisdom.

Wisdom is something that we choose to acquire.

It can be painfully learned through experiences.  You know the ones…the experiences that knock you on your butt…and then you tumble-down the rabbit hole….and then you sit there in the dark…..defeated…empty…alone….until finally….you’ve had enough…….


there is the process of climbing back out of the rabbit hole,  licking  your wounds, learning to ask for help, understanding the lesson(s) and practicing the self-discipline it takes to stay Self Aware enough to keep from repeating whatever cycle tumbled you down the rabbit hole in the first place.


But it IS one way to gain Wisdom.


Wisdom can be gained EASE-fully.

EASE-fully?  Seriously…it can be done without pain?

Yes it can.  I know, I know…hard to believe, but True none the less!  🙂

When we Humans choose to turn on our ears, and turn off our ego’s…a magickal thing happens.

We begin to Hear the stories that, if we are willing, EASE-fully give us the Insight required to see the “why” behind the less than positive experiences in our own lives.

And here’s the good part….it helps us to  BEcome aware of what works or what is a complete waste of energy.  That way, when similar stuff shows up in our own lives….we already have a handle on what does or does not work.

Wisdom is directly linked to the ability to view our experiences and the experiences of others with the discipline of Self Insight.

The Wisdom to navigate Life with Authenticity and Accountability comes with the willingness to set the ego aside and be able to honestly say…”geesh, I sure set myself up for a doozy of a lesson there!

Wisdom has very little to do with the number of years we have spent on the planet.  It has everything to do with choosing to learn from each experience.  Ours and Others.

Wisdom is Humble.  It’s sharing without telling anyone else what they should do, or how they should do it.

If you are YOUNG….learn to Listen ….because that old fart may just know what the heck they are talking about.  And even if they haven’t got a clue…there is always wisdom to learn.

If you are OLD….learn to Listen….because that young whipper-snapper may just have the Insight you need to pull out of a less than positive cycle in your own life….there is always wisdom to learn.

If you are Human and on this planet….Learn to Listen …because we are ALL HUMAN, we ALL have experiences….WE ALL have Insight to share.


Listening sometimes equates to “Blah Blah Blah Blah”.  It scratches the surface of awareness, but rarely sinks in.

Authentic Hearing allows awareness to “hit like a ton of bricks”.  It’s trigger’s the “Ah Ha!” moments that help us as we navigate the Path that is our Life.

Once the art of Listening has been learned…apply what you have learned to your own journey.

And then, after you have road-tested the Wisdom in your own Life, pay it forward.

Share your stories.  Your Insight. Your experiences.

Share them with the Ears that are willing and ready to Listen.

And, when we encounter Ears that Hear but are unable to Listen……..recognize them.

Wish them well on their journey…and keep your Insight to your self.

The fastest way to assist people in shutting out Insight, is to share it when it is unwanted.  (That pearl of Wisdom…has been gained the hard way…HA HA HA!)

Like Kindness, Wisdom is a One Size Fits All kind of thing.  And it is stunning on Every Human who has the Humility to wear it.


Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,

Alisa 🙂


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