When Miracles in their BEginningness appear,

Remember to Pause, Centre, Balance, & Breath My Dear’s!

Transforming the “niggle” of fear to Excited Possibility,

Is Truly an Art form that can set  you Free.

Using the Wisdom of Insights and the Power of Words,

Mix in some Patience, and Knowing, Trusting to BE Heard.

The Kindness and Care involved in waiting for ears,

Is something to be Celebrated and Cheered!

Each day we awake, is Opportunity

To see our path, a little more Clearly.

So, what have you learned?  The lessons this week

Asking” what CAN I do”…. the answer to seek.

BEginnings and Endings, they’re One in the Same,

Creation’s unending, a Limitless game.

One with the  Purpose, to Teach, Learn and Grow,

And Speak from the Heart….Allowing the Flow.

With Love…Unity IS Created.

Shine Big, Shine Bright, Shine All Ways!

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