Sharing the perspective on Wisdom….got me to thinkin’ again.

Acquiring Wisdom is a fine and continually expanding goal to have in life.

But, what allows Wisdom to be created in our Lives?

The very first thing that popped into my awareness, (Literally…my ear popped as I BEcame aware) was that Wisdom generally comes in more easily, the more we learn to be patient.

Patient eh….well….hmm.

I can only speak for my self here, but this one…this patience thing…it has been and still is one of my biggest challenges.

Oh…I have had ample learning opportunities.   Many, many wonderful Humans have shared their Insight.  Even though I have Heard this Insight…and my logical mind could comprehend what they were saying….there seemed to be a block to Listening and applying said insight.

So….It has taken many different and challenging experiences to drive the understanding of Patience home.  And, still….today even….I have reminded myself more than once…to BE PATIENT.

Impatience is a rather prevalent aspect of my self.  Seriously…for the first half of my life I had an almost immediate “intolerance for anything that thwarts, delays or hinders”…(Thank you 🙂 )  That……and my need to get everything perfect.  To BE Perfect, but I digress….

So what does Patient mean- “Able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.”  Thank you Oxford Dictionary!

Patience is a learned ability.
Like Wisdom…it is learned by Listening and applying the insight.
Sounds simple right????  It is.
But….again…I will reiterate, that “Simple” and “Easy” are two very different things.
Simple means there are very few “steps”.  Easy means there is “little effort”.

Some of us are head strong enough, that the only way we learn the art of patience, is through creating the experiences we need to knock us on our butts, hard enough to drive the point home.   Over and Over again.  As many times as we need…cycles repeating until that magickal moment where the “light bulb” in our head goes off and we finally  allow ourselves the gift of KNOWING it. ( Thanks MOM! for having the patience to wait for me to learn.  And for repeating, almost incessantly during my formative years and beyond….”WHY!!!!?????  Why???? do you have make everything harder than it needs to be!”)

Learning patience is less ease-full when we approach it as something we give outwardly first.

When Humans are told to be patient….it often translates into having to stop and wait.   This can often lead to a complete standstill…which, can be quite uncomfortable!  Especially if your personalty is prone to be more comfortable with seeing results in an expedient fashion.

When we are patient outwardly but lack it inwardly we undermine our own authority and accountability.   The story in the mind often places an outside source as the reason for our inability to move forward.  We tell ourselves we have no choice…because the other person or situation is the cause of the stoppage.   This is a slippery slope.

As a Human who has tried this method more than once….or twice…or…perhaps 1000 times in my current 46 years on the planet……I strongly encourage trying more Ease-full methods of learning!

Yes…the are always extenuating circumstances.

Yes…more often then not, there are other Humans, and their perspectives and involvement to  consider.

This consideration involves the discernment of how we proceed regardless of the inability of others to move forward …or if we are best served by continuing to be patient while they BEcome ready to move with us.

All this, BEing said, authentic Patience begins within.   BEing patient is something that is felt inside first.

Acting patient may calm the immediate outward experience, but the discord that is left internally just adds to the pressure we feel inside.  And really…who the heck really wants more internal pressure!!!!

If we  learn to be patient with ourselves,  the ability to be patient with situations, experiences and other Humans comes more easily.

Patience requires us to recognize what causes us to feel frustrated, hurt, anxious and less than, in some way.  It comes from understanding the thoughts, words and actions that fill our heads and hearts up with feeling(s) of lack.

This understanding  helps set the foundation to be more able to authentically understand, with empathy, where the outside world (be it a group or individual) is at.

As we develop patience, we also are building empathy and compassion.

Waiting for clear internal insight to show us what, when, where and how to move forward most effectively and EASE-Fully….. whether forward movement is a solo venture or involves others.

I started writing this blog on July 19, 2018.

I have spent the last 3 1/2 months learning to be Patient enough so that I could Hear these very words.  It meant a complete STOP in writing, expanding the website, and a bunch of other “solo” endeavors that I KNOW I am meant to BE and DO.

It’s been so very worth it….the Gift I have received for laying low, BEing still, and Hearing…  The Wisdom of Patience.


Shine Big, Shine Bright, Shine in ALL Ways!

May Love, Light and Healing Be with Each and Everyone Of YOU!

Brightest Blessings,








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