See the One

  • May Each Moment this Yuletide,
  • Feed the Light within You.
  • Allow Insightful Observation,
  • To Fire YOUR Courage RE-newed.
  • May You PAUSE in the Quiet,
  • A Moment or Two,
  • With JOY and with Wonder,
  • See the REflections of You.
  • Experience grows Wisdom,
  •  Open and REceive,
  • Through Your Heart felt GIVING,
  • A Shining REflection BE!
  • The GIFTS of this Season,
  • Regardless of name,
  • Limitless Healing,
  • Offered AGAIN! 🙂
  • ALL Humans are Worthy,
  • of Kindness and Love,
  • Just look In the Mirror,
  • SEE The ONE I Speak of!

Big Bright Blessings,

Gratitude and Lighted Wishes,

Alisa 🙂



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