Experiencing Moments

We ARE, Each and Every One of us Humans, experiencing the same “thing”.   

This “thing” I speak of is Life.  (In this context I mean Life as the series of, cycles created by experiencing  the moments that make up our days.

If we approach each day as a series of experienced moments…it can soon be discovered that our choices/responses/reactions combined with the choices/responses/reactions of others result in how we experience moments.  How it all FEELS.

At the end of the day….how we FEEL is a direct result of how the sum total of moments felt.  Do we feel Full-Filled…or do we feel sucked dry. 

Learning to move through our days, with our perspective tuned into Objectively experiencing moments, opens space. 

Space  for us to learn how to move through each day, creating a series of moments filled with more ease.

Simple?  Yes.

Easy? No.

It’s learning to keep making slight adjustments in how we allow ourselves to experience our moments. 

We BEgin to know ourselves, our patterns, we feel which responses/reactions/choices create feelings of balance, Clarity, clam, Peace and all the other good stuff.

And..we also do the same with creating feelings that are less than pleasant, sometimes down right painful. (like curl into the fetal position and sob uncontrollably painful).  

And then, we find the grounded balance as we tweek our process. the sweet spot right there in the middle.

And we start the growth all over again.

Each cycle, less painful, approaching with a wider perspective and awareness to what JOY, PEACE, GRATITUDE and ALL the other Fill Ya UP with Light Stuff, feels like.

From the INside to the World outside of our BEing we bring Balance.

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,


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