BEing In Service to YOUR Life.


The word servant came up in conversation the other day.  There was no thing in the context in which it used that was offensive.  Even so, It triggered my lower vibrational responses…immediately.

You know it….The feeling when another Human steps on your last nerve.

Why did the use of the word servant irritate me inside of a nano second?

The next thought was ….

Why DID the use of the word servant bother me at all????

This one I contemplated.

The conversation with My Self went like this…

Why would the use of servant bother me so much?

Answer:  Being a servant to your life, is different than BEing in Service to your Life.

BEing in Service to your Life,  is choosing to create the very best possible experience of the moment.  It’s the application of BEing Honest to the point of vulnerable.  REsponding/REacting with as much clarity, kindness, honesty, compassion, openness as is possible in every given moment/experience/situation.

Even when your inner 2 year old is on the verge of a full out stomping, crying, yelling tantrum.

It’s courageous really….feeling the crappy…and meeting it with the SELF Discipline that removes the eMOTIONS and allows the REaction/REsponse to be objective.

BEing able to speak the Truth of what you are experiencing, without lashing out at anyone with judgement, resentment or criticism.    (I practice this  more than people may think!)  (Back to BEing HUman LOL!!!!!!)

BEing in Service to Your Life, is allowing yourself to have the wisdom to lay low, creating the time contemplate how to most effectively approach the struggles and challenges that invariably arise in Life. (This is much different that choosing to avoid…more on that later!)

BEing is Service to Your Life is BEing aware that our “foundation” is only as strong as our  Four Pillars….the Four Aspects of Self….Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual. When we allow one to be diminished, we run the risk of allowing them ALL to be diminished.

All four need to be cared for…which means we need to care for our own well being first, in order to BE able to support other Humans as they find their own way to their Well BEing.

For example,

When we allow our Emotional needs to be left unfulfilled….it throws the pressure on our Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Aspects/Pillars to carry the excess load.  Mix and match however you wish.  The result is the same.

Structural engineering would suggest that a building with a compromised support pillar is dangerous to the structural integrity of the building as a whole…also true for our “structural” pillars!

As strain increases and overworks the “Intact Aspects”….we leave them vulnerable to crumble under the excess pressure of compensating.

If all four aspects of Self are allowed to be completely compromised…..we break.

Being a servant to your life is much different.

It’s choosing to be accepting of what you perceive other’s want your responses/reactions to be.

It’s keeping your less than positive feelings to yourself and sucking them up, stuffing them down, and choosing to avoid, please, appease or otherwise cajole other humans into understanding your perspective.

Avoidance of confrontation (with the Self or Other’s) seems to be a “knee-jerk” response for most of us.  Funny thing happens with avoidance….it never works.

Oh…and neither does pleasing, appeasing or cajoling. Just saying…  😉

It’s choosing to hide from your Self…your struggles, your challenges.

It’s choosing to tell yourself all the “reasons” why you “can’t” do/say anything to overcome what is challenging.

Being a servant to your life is speaking/doing without being completely honest..with yourself or with others!

You know what I am saying….making things sound/appear nicer than you feel or they actually are. (WARNING:  how you FEEL and how things ARE may actually BE very different!!!!)

Being a servant to your life means diminishing your need for balanced well being. It’s allowing your Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Pillars to stay compromised.  Pulling the covers over your head, doing nothing, in a vain attempt to miraculously wake up one day feeling  balanced in your Well BEing.

I could go on….citing more and more examples…however…I think ya’ll get my drift. 😉

A good step toward finding Balanced Well Being in our Lives would be to ask yourself at the end of each day…..

“Was I In Service to my Life today?  or did I allow myself to be a servant to my life?”

An Honest answer allows Self Insight to develop.

Self Insight assists us in discovering where we are strong and where the cracks are in our “structural integrity.”

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,












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