Hear Your Words

When Challenged by the Personalities of Other Humans,


Other Humans feel challenged by our Personalities Too!

Choose to Hear your Words as you speak.

Spoken words that are filled with Honesty, Integrity, Objectivity, Honour, Patience, Kindness, and Love, are the words that ears are more capable of hearing.

When we approach our communications by first “hearing the words we speak”, we are allowing ourselves to do two things.

First, we are holding ourselves accountable to communicate in way that has the intention of helping all involved.

Second,  if our ears are open to hearing ourselves, there is a better chance that all other ears involved, will stay open to hear as well.

Fine tuning our “Art of Communication” is a worthwhile endeavour.  One that goes beyond “Speaking Your Truth”….into “Speaking Universal Truth”. (or as I like to think of it “OUR Truth” the recognition of everything we share in common…which is A LOT!)

“Speaking Your Truth” is a vital aspect in learning how to balance your own Well-BEing.  It is sharing your perspective,  in order to facilitate your own healing and help other’s understand more clearly where you are “coming” from or where you are “at”.

“Speaking Universal Truth” embodies all the above, and works to  increase the level of objectivity in the words chosen, so that all parties are more able to blend their individual perspectives.  When we choose to “hear” the words we speak, they become reflective of the fact, that every one of us experiences the same feelings/emotions.  It shows our “audience” that we are no more nor less feeling than they are.  It reflects that even if perspectives are different, we essentially are the same.  It breaks down defensive responses/reactions.  Builds cohesion in the moments of communication.

BEcause…when we choose to Hear to our words….we train ourselves to BEcome part of our own audience…an aspect of our self..crosses the room and sits beside those we are talking with.   We learn to speak the words we ourselves need to hear and that creates the potential for all involved to heal.

Learning to “Speak Your Truth” is a huge first step in healing through effective communication.  Establishing it is like graduating post secondary education.

Learning to “Speak Universal Truth” is the next level…it’s choosing to work toward that “specialist” degree.

Words create very real things.   They are a key to creation.  It is up to each of us what we create with our words.

If you are up to it…please feel free to give this exercise a try 🙂

At the end of each day…pause when you crawl into your bed…think about all the words you have spoken and thought.  Now…make them “real”.

Give each word a physicality.  Let’s say an orb.  Would those orbs be bright sparkling iridescent light filled bubbles?  Or would they be dark sludge balls?  What is the space around you filled with?

This is what you have created.  For you, and for every other HUman.   BEcause we are ALL connected and impacted by the energy that is collective consciousness.

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,





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