Speaking Your Heart

Time and time again, we humans try to talk….we unload, we vent, we want another human to validate that we have every right to feel the way we do.

It is important to Speak your heart.  It is vital that we all learn to share where we are at….what brings us joy…what excites us…what inspires us…what has brought clarity and insight…and what upsets, hurts, confuses, diminishes, frustrates us.

There is a difference between Speaking your Heart and dumping.

Dumping is a fast and easy way to get what’s currently bothering you “off your chest”.  It involves very little if any,  insight.  It is quite often filled with finger-pointing and blame.  Lamenting about why we are right and why another person or group is wrong.

Dumping is truly an avoidance art form.  It creates the illusion of being heard and feeling better.

Dumping is like putting calamine lotion on a poison ivy rash.  It feels better….until the lotion wears off and everything is irritated again.

Speaking your Heart is empty of finger-pointing and blame.  It’s speaking with accountability.  It’s speaking with a willingness to hear Insight.  It’s BEing honest, without judgement or criticism.  It’s choosing words kindly.  It’s making the effort to help the Self, heal through words.

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude 🙂







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