Reasons or Excuses?

Every time we Humans choose to use something that challenges us as a “reason” to avoid “doing” anything about it…..we undermine our own Well Being.  We willingly give away our own innate power of “I AM”.

It changes the internal dialogue process to predominantly focus on what we are unable to do.

A true “Reason”, will cause us to pause…take stock….say “, I have “this” limitation at the moment. Now What?”

The “pause” in our lives that reasons provide, allows the opportunity to address the problem.  To seek out alternatives.  To seek out help.  To seek out the tools and people we need to show us how to get back up on our feet, and walk our journey.  On our own.  Head held high.  Knowing that we ARE Supported.

An “excuse” stops us in our tracks.  We lose the will and the ability to keep moving forward. To choose to BE accountable for our own Well BEing. It BEcomes a behavior.   An excuse always sounds like “I can’t,  I am unable to because..(fill in the blank)”.   And excuse never uses the word can.  An excuse explains itself by placing the accountability outside of the Self. An excuse is quite often dependent on the expectation that someone else needs to BE or DO differently.   An excuse may also be a “thing” that is perceived as more powerful than YOU ARE!

An excuse lulls us into stagnation.  The waiting for something or someone else to change, before any kind of step forward on our own can happen.  Excuses wait for everything or everyone else to make the move that unblocks the way.

Excuses often create patterns  of automatic unconscious responses and reactions.   Given enough unchecked time in the “driver’s seat” of  life, they will run us off onto roads filled with pot holes of disappointment, washboards of resentment, sinkholes of sadness and washed out sections of victim mentality….ALL, slowly but surely increase the wear and tear on our poor vehicle!

(By “our vehicle”  I mean You/Me… our Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit and ALL that comes with it… this the vehicle in Life that gets you where go!)

We end up becoming the broken down old jalopy, that may still run, but barely.

Our fuel efficiency begins to drop,  our system warning lights continue to flash, our tires blow, our bumpers become dented, our muffler gives up hanging on and drags behind us, creating noises that only add to our aggravation and frustration. Diminishing any will to keep going.

Eventually it happens, there is that one bump.  In comparison to some of the other bumps, it may even be small, but it is enough…and there it goes…the entire exhaust system falls off, our motor looses it ability to flow enough energy to move.

There we are.  Dead stop.  No thing really changes.  Constantly telling ourselves there is no way to fix what is broken.  We BEgin to BElieve it.  And then, we start telling the people around us, why there is no way to fix what is broken.

We start with the people who genuinely love and care for us.

They see the broken, they try to encourage, to help, to fix.

They work and work and work…they try and try and try to find any way possible to motivate and encourage us.

They give us parts, tools, instructions.  They do everything possible.  They try to fix it for us.  They offer to work along side of us, until we have enough gumption, to work it on our own.

Eventually, due to carrying the excess load, they too will start to break down.  Bled dry of the essential fuel and flow that keeps their vehicle running.

This is what “excuses” do to us, and those around us.  It sucks everyone dry.

Excuses are manipulative.   A quiet and insidious set of behaviours that constantly poke those around us into doing the work for us.  Every One ends up waiting on each other to be able to move.  Then..when they become drained and unable to perform, they too give up.

(and they will, it is a grave mistake to assume that even someone who loves and has been with you a long long time will be able to sustain indefinitely….)

Sometimes the need to leave all together.  An act of desperation, to save themselves from becoming broken by the “holding pattern” they have allowed in their own lives.

The challenge….take a good hard look at your “reasons”.  And then be brave enough to see that most of them are excuses undermining your Will and Ability to put your “grown up pants on” and move forward. Regardless of the challenges you have been given.

Allow your Self to BEgin to understand, then comprehend, that ALL challenges are there to teach us what we ARE made of.  They ARE how we find our way back to our Road of Purpose and Well Being.

Do this for your own Growth and Well Being.

The side effect of choosing to take charge of your excuses… YOU Honour those around you for their Willingness and Love that continues to Encourage and Support your journey.  They in turn, feel Loved, Encouraged and Supported.  Every one BEgins to feel Empowered to constantly move forward, individually and together.

How do I KNOW this?

“Excuses” and “Old School”  leather straps, have much in common.  😉  They hurt only when they are used. 😉

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude





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