Internal Revelations


In Giving to humanity, 
The Light that lies within, 
A Strength, the bond of Unity, 
In Humankind again.

Internal Revelations, 
Clearly handed through, 
The Veils of the dimensions, 
Accessible to You!

Take not this knowledge lightly, 
An ancient story emerges. 
Ability to respond to NOW, 
The future life encourages.

Your Loyalty to humanity, 
The Laughs at lessons given, 
Insight leads to strategy, 
Healers, Teachers, Guides and Guardians.

Go Ahead with Love, 
Go Within with Sight, 
Live always in This present, 
The World created in Light.

(Life is not happening to us, we are creating it!)

With Heart Felt Gratitude,

and Big Bright Blessings,



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