INternal Free Will

 Free Will is an INternal power given to each of us.

It is meant to be used for positive Life creation.  Forward movement.  Growth.

Determined is it’s positive polarity.

Stubborn is it’s negative polarity.

Learning to pause and ask the Self, “Am I being stubborn or determined?” is a skill set of great value to develop!

When we choose to be determined, what ever it is that we are focused on, unfolds with much more ease.

Determination keeps us INspired and focused.  It provides our INternal Will,  the sustenance it needs to continue to work toward the most positive outcome of our efforts.

Determination  teaches us discernment, and patience.   It allows space for contemplation of what “next steps” serve the Highest Good of  fulfilling the intended Purpose.

Determination opens our Eyes, Ears, Hearts and Minds to what IS possible.

Determination assists in fueling the desire to move, learn, change and grow.   It invites Joy, Accomplishment, Wellness, Humble Pride, Self Worth and Self Esteem to bring their “A” game and join in the Adventure that BEcomes our Life’s journey.

Determined is in Service to the Highest Good of The Whole.  Seriously, it is ALL inclusive.  Every ONE, individually and collectively benefit from a Determined Spirit.

When we choose to be stubborn, we dig in our heels, wanting the world to change around us.  Willingly BEcoming a hamster on a wheel.  Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Stubborn is an effective method to get stuck in the whir of the head.  It shuts off our eyes, ears and hearts  to alternative courses of action, awareness, INsight and growth.

Stubborn likes to judge and criticize. Its focus likes to be on the error of other’s ways.  Resentful and always the victim.  Blinding us from our own reflection.

Stubborn starves the INternal Will of INspriation and focus.

Stubborn keeps everything that IS possible, unseen, unheard, and undone.

Stubborn, if left unchecked, has the power to turn life into a series of unhappy, unfulfilling repetitive cycles of mere existence.

Stubborn is an exhausting way to break your own Spirit, while attempting to diminish Spirit in every One else as well!

The power of INternal Free Will is given to each of us.  We are free to  flow it, however we choose.

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,


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