The Art of Self Encouragement

When we choose to BEcome the foundation of our own Encouragement….we BEcome more able to feel Encouraged…and that helps us Hear and See more effectively, the Encouragement we are BEing given to Receive.

About two weeks ago, I started re-reading my daily (ish) Journaling starting back in 2007.

I have chosen to read them like a novels, seeing and hearing my self as I would the main character in a book.  Objectivity is fun to play with!!!

Recognizing now, that “The Art of Self Encouragement” was BEing developed the whole time.

So…here we go 🙂

After reading just a few entries, I will admit, I had a Good cry.


Because, the woman who was writing the Journal impressed me.

Here she was…striving every day to acknowledge how challenging she was finding discovering her Path, learning her Lessons, trying her very very best to BE good enough for every one and her self.

To “get” it right.

Trying to the point of exhaustion to build her Self worth and Esteem Authentically.  Letting go of the outside “persona”, allowing people to see who she “REALly was”.

She felt hurt, frustrated, unworthy, unheard, unappreciated…A lot.  Feeling it on the inside, unable to communicate it well on the outside.

The “pep” talks she gave herself within the pages of her Journals….WOW.   Just WOW.

This woman simply refused to allow her perspective to stay in a negative space.

I cried, because she was so diligent.

With every entry no matter how “burdened” she felt, the words of encouragement written to her, Always ended the entry.

Every “lemon” turned into “lemonade”.  Period.

Not one entry was left in the perspective that the “poor me” show would continue.

I cried BEcause, she was so Honest.

I cried BEcause she tried so very very hard.

I cried BEcause she never gave up Hope, Faith.

I cried BEcuase she always tried to the best of her Awareness to be Accountable for her part in every uncomfortable Life experience. (sometimes too Accountable lol!)

I cried BEcause she was a constant “Cheer Leader”, to the point of exhaustion.

I cried BEcause she had no clue how naive she really was.

And after reading two years worth of her story….

I Love Her even more.

BElow is an excerpt from my Journal Entry from June 30th, 2009

…at the time, as a student of Universal Kabbalah, working on the balance of Mercy (Chesed) and Severity (Geburah).

Let’s just say  it was one extreme AND the other. The actual Balance…THAT took a little while and a tad more experience! LMAO!


“Love Thy Self,

Forgive Thy Self,

Dig Deep WithIN,

Discover the Strength,

Sing with JOY,

Love with an Open Heart,

Breathe from Your Soul,

Think with Your Heart,

KNOW you never Alone.”

“Is it being on the edge of the abyss that is driving me crazy or is it me?”


Confront it.  Master it. Grow.

Answer your questions.  Bring Peace to  your Heart and You will be able to think from it more clearly.

Love and Forgiveness,


I laughed so hard when I finished reading this today.

I have been receiving clear Divine messages for a long time.  When I wrote this over a decade ago, it was still all about me talking to me.

I knew there were Guides, Angels, Guardians, Universal Wisdom Beings of Light, but totally missed that they were already speaking, and I could hear.  I had no clue and thought I knew clearly.

It also made me laugh, BEcause…… all these years later, after reading only 2 of the 12 years……

“How many times have I been caught in the cycle of trying prove I was trying!!!????”

So caught up in the Strive….I had missed allowing the THRIVE!

Completely forgetting that Strive and Thrive need to be Balanced!

“Balance IS Key”  says…every Wisdom Tradition EVER.

As Aware as I was…yet unable to allow my eyes to see and my ears to hear,  the words on the page for the Loving Channeled Guidance it was.

Oh…how we grow.

The “Art of Self Encouragement”  summed up….

Record YOU encouraging YOU regularly.

RE-read or RE-Play every month or two….waiting for 12 years probably made a few experiences more difficult than they needed to be….just sayin’ 😉

Write it down

Voice Memo it.

Put it in Your Reminders

Use your tech to assist you in making Self Encouragement Dialogue a “habit”.

Find your way of BEing able to Hear you Encourage You.

Finding encouragement outside of the Self takes a lot of effort…..RE-direct this effort to encouraging your Self.  It’s a more ease filled and expedient way to grow.  (Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Effort…Thanks Lynn!)

And then…to kick it up a notch…say something Positive to YOU about YOU every time you see your own reflection.

Go deep with it…acknowledge your INtelligence, your Creativity, your Kindness, your Compassion, your Love, your Skills and Abilities, your Strengths, your Courage..all your very best aspects.

Hold your own eye contact while looking/speaking to your REflection…the eyes ARE a window to the Soul…that includes your own!!!!  (Thanks Verla!)

When we choose to BEcome the foundation of our own Encouragement….we BEcome more able to feel Encouraged…and that helps us Hear and See more effectively, the Encouragement we are BEing given to Receive.

Love and Gratitude, Always…


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