Enjoy the Sunshine.


“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”

― Morris West


Love this Quote.

“Storms” in our lives are part and parcel of our physical experience .

We signed up for it…the day we were born.

Yes, even the less than “Yee Haw” experiences are here literally assisting our growth. IF and only IF,  we choose to  see it that way.

Seeing it that way requires courage, iron forged determination and  a side of sarcastic observational self humour.

Seeing the Sunshine, regardless of what a situation looks like, takes practice.

Sometimes it requires us to sit in the gloom until we are unable to stand ourselves any longer.

Sometimes we have to allow other’s to sit in their gloom, even after we think we are unable to stand it any longer.

Gloom is good for that.  It’s a cloak of “I give up” sadness after being caught in a rainstorm.

How long it takes to see the sun…again, is a personal choice.

We are given every single emotion to help us navigate.   We often associate emotions as being positive or negative.

What if  ALL emotions were once again taught to be understood as  positive navigational tools?

I realize this idea is far from new.  The Wisdom teachings of  the world have been pointing humans in this direction since they first were shared.   If unhappiness or discomfort, in any form takes the lead of how you see the day….BAM!  Stop.  Listen.

What if we humans simply knew to give the same credence to sadness, disappointment, regret, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety as we do happiness, joy, love, trust, hope?

Seeing the Sunshine would be a heck of a lot easier, for a heck of a lot more of us.


for all of you Sunshine Seer’s out there…Thanks for your Diligence and Faith!

For all who struggle with Seeing the Sunshine….hang in there. There are a whole bunch of Humans, many you have never met, who without words are in chorus shouting…

“We’re Rootin’ For Ya!”

Together we Remember to See the Sunshine.






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