Embrace the Stillness

Awakening before the dawn.

A choice.

Creating  space in today, to feel the stillness.

To feel  Inspiration before the day even presents itself.

Stillness is the Peace within.

Stillness is something we all crave.  The moments before the head takes over and the “think, think ,think” and “do, do , do” of the day appears.

Stillness is the Internal hug every human wishes to feel.

The quiet knowledge that even if when we are alone, we are supported, loved.

Stillness provides that Kindness.

Permission to Remember to feel all the potential held in the moments yet to be created.

The Beauty we are surely to encounter, should we choose to see it.

Stillness, the first Gift of today.

Wherever this day takes you.

Whatever this day asks of you,

Embrace the stillness and allow it to nourish every moment.






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