When the feeling of frustration,

Rises in your chest…

Remember to pause a spell,

Focus on being at rest.

The harder we choose to push,

The angrier we get.

The absence of clarity,

Within the thought process.

The internal dialogue,

That spirals down the well,

Of resentful words and actions,

Creating a tidal swell.

Bottled up emotions,

Simmer to the top,

And then within the aftermath,

We see the hurt we’ve caused.

Ah yes…another lesson,

Maybe more than one,

As we calm, we realize,

The needless damage done.

Frustration makes all harder,

Than it needs to be.

It is a simple lesson,

Frustration comes to teach.

Recognize the feelings,

That disrupt and disturb,

Quieting the emotions,

Stops the need to hurt.







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