You ARE the GOOD You SEE in the World.

Waking up and choosing to see This Today and live it’s moments as they flow, is a choice.

Choosing to Experience This Today,  through the lens of , Happy , INspired, Grateful….Positive …Kind…”FEEL GOOD”….takes serious dedication.

It requires us to Feel our own Good, so that we are able to see  the “Good” in Ourselves and in the Humans we meet each day.

Yes, the “Good”…. in EVERY human.

No matter how they choose to see us.

No matter how grumpy, ornery, judgmental, crabby, and or mean.  (you get the drift).

For many ….this has become counter-intuitive.

Really?….Be kind to the human that just cursed you for taking too long at the stop sign?   The one that took your place in line?  That judged you by your appearance?  Your choices?

Are you flippin’ kidding me Alisa?

Nope.  No kidding.

Regardless, of all the humans out there with the “Me Me” going on.

It’s choosing to BE that Someone…Someone who walks the innate Good.  Kind.

Someone who smiles from their INside.  Someone who says “Hello”,  and genuinely means it.

A Human who gets out of bed…a little tired.  Perhaps stiff and sore.  Who’s first thought is likely a groan at having to get up and meet their responsibilities for this Today.

A Human who consciously shakes off the negative and chooses to lead by example and shine their very best self.  Before they head out the door.

It requires dedication to change the “go to ” perspective.

It requires a serious amount of self discipline.

LOL!  Yep…it’s worth saying twice.

Serious…Self Discipline and Dedication.

Let’s face it…there are enough experiences out there in the world…day to day…where we encounter other humans that just are simply unable to bring their “Good” to the surface.

Whether it is shown  or not……it’s there.

Goodness resides within each of us.

If no one chooses to see it this way… do the poor sods that have lost the ability to connect to it…stand a chance at seeing it themselves….unless it is reflected for them!

Kindness is how we encourage the Good within ourselves and within others.

Whether this kindness is accepted matters very little.

I know, I know…”but they can be so mean! Rude, Selfish, Ungrateful, Unkind!!”

Yep.  It’s true.

That being said, I know I have brought my own fair share of “less than kind” to the world.  It’s taught me a lot about myself.

How about you?

One difference between humans that bring the kindness, and those who want to crush it into the ground, and stomp on it until it’s dead, is discipline.

We all operate from the level of self discipline that we are currently capable of.

It takes an incredible amount of it to adamantly choose to BE Kind.

When we are young, we hear “Be Kind”…we all know what these words mean.

However, learning how to feel kind is a whole other ball of wax.

In order to feel kind, we need to see and feel our own “Good”.  We need to trust it.

The less than positive reinforcement out there in the big wide world, undermines that trust on a regular basis.  The encounters with other other humans that create self doubt, need to be seen for what they are.  Encounters with an experience.

An experience of someone else’s take on who you are.

There may be some validity  in their “take” on you, or there may be none.

We have to be aware of our perspective.  How we see ourselves is separate than how the world perceives us.

Being aware of what is less than, and consciously choosing to see beyond it.

When we can see the Good…we stand a better chance at Feeling the Good.

It’s important to acknowledge that our “less than kind” experiences are powerful.  So powerful that it can devour a person.

We each, to varying degrees, have been burdened and hurt by the unkindness of others.

Many humans carry wounds that run deep.  So deep that the tie that binds to seeing and feeling the Good, is blocked, sometimes severed.

Again, even then, it’s still there.  The Innate Good that we are all born with, is still there.

Someone needs to see it.  Care enough to see past the outward expression and hold that faith.

The Faith that Innate Good exists.  In us all.

YOU ARE the Good you See in the World.

It’s a more pleasant way to navigate this Today and every Today we are lucky enough to receive.

Happy December Everybody 🙂 ….no matter how you celebrate!

Bright Warm Kind Good Wishes,










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