Lessons in Forgiveness

Lessons in Forgiveness,

Present themselves each day.

The hurts and slights we feel,

Darkening what we think and say.

Growth spurts are encouraged,

By the hurts given, felt and seen,

The purpose of Forgiveness,

Is to help us heal.

Learning to be Grateful,

For those that trigger hurt,

Is an easier path to walk,

Than dwelling in the dark.

Pausing in the swirl of feelings,

To Recognize the Truth.

That no matter what it feels like,

We’re here, encouraging each other’s Growth.

Forgiveness begins within the Self.

Acknowledging the parts,

Of every situation,

That hurt your precious heart.

When hurt is allowed to fester,

Down the hole we go,

Our victim self enjoying,

Being in control.

Left unattended at the wheel,

It devours unwitting souls.

Then all that’s left, where once a heart,

An empty pain filled hole.

Next time you feel the hurts,

Rising once again,

Know you have the courage, the strength,

To truly comprehend….

That every single one of us,

Struggle with being Human.

Let this awareness guide your way,

Softening the Heart.

Being the Reflection

The Example that creates a new start.








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