Song of Winter

Song of Winter,

Please sing for me,

Of the Wonder and Awe,

In all Creation.

Slow my movements,

Change my pace,

So that as Spring wakens

It does so with Grace.

Oh Song of Winter,

Teach me to sing,

Of Hope and Faith,

And All Great Dreams.

Where hearts arise,

Once again,

To Live a Life,

Of Joy Filled Wisdom.

Oh Song of Winter,

Hear my Prayers,

Your Winds of Change,

Carry them where,

They fall as snow,

Upon the ground,

Nourishing All,

As spring comes around.

Oh Song of Winter,

I dream with You!

The days of humanity,

Born, Renewed.

To the place,

within the Heart,

Humans together, awaken,

The creation of Love’s,

Vision for us.

Oh Song of Winter,

Carry these dreams,

Around the globe,

On winds unseen.

Carry them too,

In the water that flows,

Carry these dreams,

To all in this world.

Carry these dreams,

As United we Thrive,

And Together we Grow.

One Moment at a time.



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