The Love of Your Own Heart.

Valentine’s Day, a reminder of Love,  Freely given to You,

A Simple recognition of who You ARE,  and all that you Do!

The Love that Shines each day is You, Creating Beauty For all to View.

 Valentine’s Day is more than romance, candy and sex, these things are more of a side effect. 😉

St. Valentine encourages us to Remember… that this celebration started as the purest Reminder!

A Day dedicated to the Love we each are, The Love we are meant to flow to the world.

A Day to celebrate the Love you’ve received and the Love you have given.

Whether you celebrate out loud or quietly alone, Celebrate the Love you’ve been shown.

Pause and envision each precious Heart, that your love has encouraged, inspired to spark.

Reflect on each dream that has ever come true, the Love that supported it as it grew!

So to each of you, who reading this know,  This is the Love we constantly grow.

Each day to be Gentle, Loving and Kind…taking good care of your Dear Heart and Mine.

Love needs no ribbons, Love needs no bows, for it is Beautiful All on it’s own.

Although if you feel the need to express…a wee gesture, a thoughtful moment of kindness.

Love has no expectations, Love is gentle and kind, Love sustains your Heart and it sustains mine.

In order to Love with all that you are, First learn to Love You in Your own Heart.

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