Voice of Intuition

Quiet, Listen!….can you hear?

The soft, guiding voice INside.

That’s YOU!

INtuition speaks gently,

So Still your Self and hear.

Sing Beautiful ONE!  Sing!

INspired, INtuitive, INnovative, INnate.

It’s all withIN You.

The outside has no IN.

It’s a reflective surface.

A reflection of the cumulative visions of ALL Humans.

It’s the screen on which your movie plays.

You are the lead actor in this show.

The “catch”….your choices, your thoughts, your actions, your words,

Affect the characters in your movie.

Just to make it all the more interesting…perhaps challenging as well 😉

There is no need to worry.

You ARE capable…all of it is there to help you grow.

Grow What????

Wisdom, Honour, Humility, INsight, Compassion, Clarity, Forgiveness, Love, Joy.

In the most Authentic ways, building a Life Aware.

Awaken from the slumber separating the Heart and Mind.

The voice of INtuition is here to gently guide.


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