Koda – A Story of Faith


This story of Faith all started with a note on the interior mirror of my school bus.

The note says…”Today is a Great Day to Encourage Someone”.

I follow the Guidance I receive and become the tool that writes a new “INspirational Quote” every morning on my mirror…and guess what….the kids…they read it. And…I read it too.  I have learned over the past few years, that the message is for whomever chooses to read it.  Including me.

Does is make a difference?

You Bet your Butt it does.

However, that is a story for another time. 🙂

Today is March 4, 2020.

It is the day that a Dearly BEloved Friend transformed from this physical existence, to the next Energetic Body experience.

Her name…Koda.

Fondly called Koda Bear…cause she really existed as a Beautiful Gentle Giant posing as what we Humans call, a Canine.

Koda is a Spirit that has transformed every life in which she touched.  A Quiet Gentle Giant, that chose her “words” well, and Loved Loyally, and Limitlessly.

“How are these two things connected?” you ask?

Well…here it is. 🙂

Koda’s Humans and I go way back.  They are the family you find along your life’s journey.

Without Koda’s “Mom”, BEing a Human of Faith, and the “Gift that Keeps on Giving” in my Life….my Faith, would have been tested in other ways.  None of them, I wish to give life to in thought form.

Koda’s Mom, Her Friendship, Her Compassion, Her Limitlessly Loving Heart….. I could wax poetic of all that this Sister has brought to My Life, to the Community, to the World…because she is THAT Human.

(yes, I realize I put capitals and punctuation where proper grammer tells us not to…yada yada yada…I write how I would speak, to you…if you were right in front of me…cause you are.  But….that’s yet another story for another time. 😉 )

The connection I share with this Human is a Treasure.

Today, I wrote the a-fore mentioned message on the mirror.

After my morning school route was done, I went to have an eye exam…It’s been 11 years, and I am 48….and my vision is just fine!  🙂

You probably could do without those details, but then again, I simply would dislike being the reason you woke up in the middle of the night with the burning questions in your mind.  “How is her eyesight?”  “How old is she?”  LOL!

If I had simply said…

Then I went to have an eye exam.

You’d roll your eyes, and expediently click the X.  Closing out the page and moving on to the next story that caught your attention.

Of course…you still can.  There is always your Freedom to Choose.

Huh…still here eh!

Great 🙂 Glad we dodged that bullet!

Anyway….I digress.

To recap…

I wrote on the bus mirror…and went for an eye exam.

While at the Optometrist’s, I was thinking about Koda’s Mom…and with the exam showing I had 20/20 vision…it Sparked a thought…a Remembering ….a Smile.

A few years back, part of our separate, yet shared, Spiritual Routines,  we learned from following Teaching Tools in the Seneca Tradition,  brought to Light in the World through Jamie Sams.  (Thank you Jamie for choosing to touch the world so profoundly!)

In Her book, Earth Medicine Ancestors Ways of Harmony for Many Moons, the Clan Mother of the 4th Moon is Looks Far Woman.

Koda’s Mom…once lovingly pointed out that I share many qualities of Looks Far Woman.

An awareness came with remembering that moment.

Koda’s Mom was now REALLY present in my awareness.

All day…I felt the intuitive pull to contact Koda’s Mom.  I picked up my cell phone four times during the day..starting to text her.  Each time, erasing the text and putting the cell phone down.

“Why?” you ask?

Because…I knew I needed to touch base.  And yet, the text never felt right.

Learning the patience to allow my “Higher”, my Intuitive Voice to lead the way has been a skill development, greatly made possible by the Love, the Support, the Encouragment of Koda’s Mom.

She too, is an Empath.  Living the moments of her day Intuitively…allowing the “logical mind” to be an assistant, if you will, to the overall day to day discernment on how, what, when, why and where.

How to speak or do.

What to speak or do.

When to speak.

When to act.

Why to speak or do.

Where to speak or go.

Koda’s Mom and I, brought together in this time and space to bolster each other’s growth.  Spiritual Growth.  Awakened Growth as Humans of Faith.

When we were first introduced….and for a while after that….As a human being…I annoyed the crap out of Koda’s Mom.  Seriously, no kidding at all….I irritated her.

We have laughed many times together about it.

Sufficed to say…on the outside we are very different people.  On the INside…we are One.

After the work day came to an end.  I walked into the house, grabbed my cell phone and once again started to text.

Once again I erased what I wrote and put the phone down.

My Heart, My Guidance, My Intuition…what ever you wish to label it…speaking clearly.

Even though it was supper time…and we both generally have other things on the go…like making dinner….I picked up the Land Line.  You know…old school telephone…where you have to know the number to make the call.

“Hello” came the voice on the other end.

“Hi!  How’s it going?”  “I’ve been thinking about you all day!  You popped into my awareness this morning at my eye exam.”  Laughing  as I summed up the Looks Far Woman reference.


My Heart hurt in that pause.

The Awareness of the words on the mirror and why  I was guided to write them washing over me with a wave of clarity.

“What’s Up?” I asked.

And there it was.


Affirmed for the gazillionth time between us.  It was a Great Day to Encourage Someone.

“I had to have Koda put to sleep today” said the Heartbreakingly Quiet Steady voice on the end of the line.

And then we cried.  We cried the heartbreak.  We cried the loss.

When the first release of tears subsided, I asked…”What’s the story?  How’d it all come down?”

Koda’s Mom shared the details, the process, the Awareness that Koda was telling her, it was time for her to go.  Reassuring her it was ok.

In less than an hour from calling the Vet, Koda, and her Human family…Physically present and Spiritually present, stepped up…rallied together and armed with the courage only Faith can provide.

Koda…in appreciation, rallying during the car ride.  Big bright sparkling  brown eyes looking out the window with a smile on her Beautiful face.

Living in the moment.

Peaceful, Content, JOY on her loving doggy face.

Koda’s Mom, allowing the awareness, the example of “Living in the Moment”  to help her, as the family followed through with what every single one of them knew it was time for. And for which no amount of time will ever prepare you to handle.

There are Humans out there who’s perspective would lead them to believe that Koda was unaware of what was about to happen.  The truth is…Koda was well aware…and That is why she could live in the Moment and leave her Peeps…JOY leading the way.

And as our conversation continued, we again affirmed our Faith.

Koda’s Mom…even in her current state, able to speak the Truth of Compassion.  Acknowledging every other Human’s grief.  How every other Human experiences the pain of loss.  The pain of making the choices that are done in Compassion.  Self-less knowing of what needs to be.  Allowing Nature and Nurture to lead the way.

We acknowledged the courage it takes to follow what the Heart knows.  Regardless of the suffering our own Physical Body will feel.

We acknowledged that even though we are both aware, that Transformation is what happens at the end of the Physical experience, Grief and loss still has to be felt.

It has to be felt, because it is through that suffering that we learn to heal.  And as we heal, we are able once again to feel the Everlasting, Limitless, Love, Loyalty and Companionship of all those that have Transformed from their Physical bodies.

A Human of Faith knows there is a reason for everything.  Especially when you are unable to comprehend it.

A Human of Faith knows that it is Faith that bolsters our courage to do the “right” thing, even when our Hearts are breaking and our minds are screaming “NO!  It’s too painful!  Ignore it! I’m too afraid!”

A Human of Faith knows they are is never alone.  Even when there is no physical evidence to support it.  They know it within their Heart.  It is a knowing that is felt. A knowing that transcends words, and tangible physical proof.

A Human of Faith chooses to Walk their Talk.  Their Intuitive knowing.  Their Guidance.  Their God.  Their Creator.  Their Benevolent Energy.  (Whatever Name you give the Unseen Guiding Force in your life is accurate)

A Human of Faith knows that it matters less how you connect to “Benevolent Unseen Energy…but that you find the Path of Connection that resonates with you.

A Human of Faith knows that every physical Being has a Divine Being within them.

A Human of Faith knows that the emotional pain of having to let go of  Physical Beings has to be felt.  Grieved.  Released.  Transformed.  Just as the Physical Being transforms back into their Original, Everlasting, Spiritual/Energetic form.

A Human of Faith knows the value of this process and that it is worth feeling.

A Human of Faith knows that is is up to them to choose to pick Their  Self up.  Dust Their Self off.  Trusting that all the support they need to do so, is Always there and all they have to do is Receive it.

When we navigate from such a place.  This view.  This perspective, we begin to touch the Beauty of the Divine that is housed withIN.  We find Strength and Courage.  We find Acceptance and Clarity.  We find Calm and Compassion.

We find Healing that allows Peace, Love and Joy to be felt more fully.

Just like Koda….we learn to Live in the Moment, right up until we too are transformed.

It is Faith that grew within the kinship of my relationship with Koda’s Mom.  It connects us in a way that allows me to trust my Guidance…encouraging me to pick up the phone….on a day that my Dear Chosen Family needed me to answer the “call”…and make the call.

Thank-you Koda for Loving us all so well.

It is an Honour to be part of the continuation of  You, your Love and your Example.

Thank-you Koda’s Family, it is through Faith and the knowing of my Heart, that I gladly share with you, the fullness found within each cycle of Life.

Thank you, yes YOU, for choosing to spend moments of your precious Life…reading this and thereby BEcoming part of the continuation of this story of Faith.









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