Humans – a Unity Story

Once upon a time, there was a race called Humans living on a planet called Earth.

These Humans were a curious lot.

Their exteriors made it seem like there were many different kinds of them.

They came in different sizes, shapes and colours.

They lived in different areas on the planet.

They ate different foods.

Their spoken and written words came in a variety of languages.

Their songs and music were different.

The groups they formed and how they formed them were different.

The dwellings they inhabited were different.

The way they connected and understood the Unseen Guiding Energy (call it whatever you wish 🙂 )  was different.

These groups  gave these Humans a sense of BElonging.

Centuries passed.

In these passing centuries, discoveries were made.

Humans began to grow their awareness beyond the connections of their original groups.

Humans began to ask questions.

This caused many humans to become fearful.

Fearful of new ideas, new perspectives, new awareness.

This created a new group.

A new group of humans who wanted to be the most “right”, who’s egos craved to control their fellow Humans.

This group fed the insecurities and fears.  The more fear-full Humans became, the less they were able to think for themselves.

Humans began to hand over their common sense, most without realizing it.

More time passed.  More lessons created.

Cycles of collective unrest, fear, illness, resentment. Repeating over and over  for centuries.

The separation caused by fear going unnoticed by the majority.

Their societies began to unravel…or so it seemed.

While these two segments of Humans continued to help each other grow separation and fear, there was born another segment of the population.

These were the hero’s of lore, and the hero’s of today.

These are the Humans who awakened to see how cycles of separation, born out of fear needed to be changed.

These Humans tried for centuries, different ways to dispel the illusions created by fear.

These Humans shared visions of Love, Compassion, Healing, Faith, Abundance, Equality.

This group of Humans, taught their children, and their children’s children…generation after generation a different way of Living.

They taught the understanding of Kindness, Forgiveness, Sharing, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Reverence, Respect and Honour.

Centuries passed…this lesser known segment of the Human population, quietly growing together.    Generation after Generation their numbers grew.

Each one igniting the understanding of Unity within the Hearing Hearts of Humanity.

Undaunted they continued to thrive, and grow.

Then one day, as a new cycle of fear began to spread throughout the world, something very special occurred.

The Humans who had quietly and steadfastly held the “goodness” of Humanity throughout the centuries were heard.

The whole world changed.

The Humans who bred the energy of fear, began to disappear.

The Humans who were controlled by fear…were freed from their minds and began to hear their Hearts once more.

Unity grew.

They no longer saw the differences in sizes, shapes and colours.

They understood that the Earth was their home community.

They shared their food.

They celebrated each other’s stories, wisdom, and traditions.

They celebrated each other’s songs and music.

They celebrated each other’s skills, abilities, and visions of wellness.

They remembered that the original Language was Unity.

Unity,  the language that is spoken without words.   The language that is heard through seeing and doing.

It needs no translation.

It has no dialect.

This awareness spread throughout the Earth.

And All became United, Healed and Whole.

Humanity became immune to illness born of centuries of lies and fear.

Together they remembered how to thrive.

The burdens of their Ancestors, no longer on their shoulders.

The Wisdom of their Ancestors shining the way.

The Earth and All her Children, living once more in harmony….as it was in the very beginning of their collective story.











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