Tears of Awareness

Each Tear that is shed, releases that which weighs on our Heart,  Our Minds, Our Spirit, and Our Physical Being.

Crying is cathartic.  We all know this.  We all cry at some point.  Granted, some more than others.

What seems like a long time ago….a Wise and Loving Human shared this perspective with me.

There is a fine line between tears of aware release and tears of self pity.

Crying Tears of  Aware Release we know that we are letting go of the emotions that are weighing us down…burdening our Heart, Mind and Spirit.   The release helps us heal.  We know that with each tear shed, there is a peace, a calm, a purpose that helps us exist with more clarity.  Choose our actions, reactions, and responses with more clarity.

Tears of Aware Release, empty us of toxic burden and empower.

Crying tears of self pity, start the same way as Tears of Release…and then they muddled up.  We lose the awareness of their purpose.  We cry and cry and no matter how much we cry, we are unable to maintain feeling less burdened.    The dialogue in the head spins in circles of “this is too hard, it’s not fair. it’s someone else’s fault”  The focus shifts to all that “isn’t, can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, hasn’t”.     Feeding the Spirit, the Heart and the Mind with more of what we are trying to release.

Tears of self pity keep us full burden, toxic and disempowered.

When we learn to cry with awareness, the tears come, they fall, they cleanse, they heal.

Clarity.  Acceptance.  Courage. Strength. Forgiveness. Compassion. Love. Healing. Unity.  Joy.  These are the seeds that are nourished and grow within our individual Hearts by Tears of Awareness.

There is a peaceful calm that nestles in the middle of the chest. This calm radiates out to the rest of the body.  In this stillness we see the Beauty, the Blessings.  Allowing us to feel and fill with a new sense of INspiration.  A new sense of direction.

Like birthing pains…..it hurts like hell in the moment.  And then…we realize how valuable that pain is.
It provides the opportunity to receive gifts of growth, self insight, of  personal transformation.

Right now… 2020… Every Human on Earth is experiencing discomforting “pain” of birth.  RE-Birth to be precise.  Tears are inevitable.  So when they come, hold your head up…let the tears fall and know that in feeling and healing your Heart, you automatically assist the collective Heart, our World in healing well as well.

We as individuals in a global community are being asked to step up, feel the discomfort,  make peace within the “Self,  so we are more able to support each other ‘s growth into awareness.  Recognizing this as one of the “somethings” we each CAN do to bring Harmony and Unity of purpose to our BEing, our words, our actions, our choices.

We have this  opportunity to show ourselves the very best of what it is to BE HUMAN.  To Learn together.  To Forgive together.  To Heal Together.  To BEcome the Humans the Earth and All Creative Forces are patiently and lovingly waiting for us to choose to Be.

Heal the Self…Heal the World.








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