Humans of Faith

Humans of Faith know there is a reason for everything.  Especially when we are unable to comprehend it.

Humans of Faith have the courage to stay grounded and calm.  Trusting that they are Loved and Supported by a Presence that is All encompassing.

Humans of Faith know that they are never alone.  Even when there is no physical evidence to support it.  It is felt within the Heart.

Humans of Faith choose to Walk their Talk.  Their Intuitive knowing.  Their Guidance.  Their God.  Their Creator.  Their Benevolent Energy.  (Whatever Name you give the Unseen Guiding Force in your life is accurate)

Humans of Faith know that it matters less how you connect to “Benevolent Unseen Energy.”..but that you find the Path of Connection that resonates with you.

Humans of Faith know that every physical Being has a Divine Being within them.

Humans of Faith know that the emotional pain of having to let go of  Physical Beings has to be felt.  Grieved.  Released.  Transformed.  Just as the Physical Being transforms back into their Original, Everlasting, Spiritual/Energetic form.

Humans of Faith know the value of this process and that it is worth feeling.

Humans of Faith know that is is up to them to choose to pick One’s Self up.  Dust One’s Self off.  Trusting that all the support they need to do so, is Always there.   They just have to allow themselves to Receive it.

When we navigate from such a place.  This view.  This perspective, we begin to touch the Beauty of the Divine that is housed withIN.

We find Strength and Courage.  We find Acceptance and Clarity.  We find Calm and Compassion.

We find Healing that allows Peace, Love and Joy to be felt more fully.

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