A History Worth Creating

Whether we are physically together or not,

Love IS the Light in the Window of the Heart that Brings US, ALL Home.

It shines and connects us all year through…regardless of distance, space and time.

For much of our Human History …..it was common to spend more time than less, in solitary ways. Living, working, celebrating with a small group of people.

Generational Living was “normal” and separation from family and friends was less of a thing.

Without immediate access to each other, via transportation and technology…people Loved each other with genuine clarity.

They trusted that they were Loved and Connected.

There was no reason to doubt it.

When children grew up and moved away, it was accepted that the Heart would keep them close.

Sending and Receiving a handwritten letter was an over the top connecting experience. A true, unexpected gift in the mail.

It was “normal” to have a single visit, years apart…… sometimes never at all. Especially if there were great distances and/or oceans in between.

When did we as a collective group lose this awareness?

What if, 2020 and 2021 are stripping us to our cores…to help us REmember…that there is no separation.

To Remember that, Separation is the Illusion that has kept Humans trapped in cycles of fear.

Fear that continually breeds anxiousness, hurt, judgement, criticism, envy, greed, resentment and anger.

What if, all of this isolation and separation that we are experiencing, is trying to lead us home to a Heart Guided way of Life?

Showing us collectively how to become more responsible, TO and FOR OUR SELF….TO and FOR EACH OTHER….TO and FOR the EARTH.

What if, this is the space in Human History where we collectively Remember to walk the Wisdom of All our Ancestors?

Assisting us to Recognize the burdens we have collectively carried forward for generations.

The Burdens that were never ours to carry in the first place.

The Burdens propagated through Fear, to ensure we would continue to be controlled, rather than unified.

Would it be worth it?

It’s what Healers, Philosophers, Guides, Gurus, Elders, Caretakers of People and Earth , teach.

For millennia….these Humans Diligently continue to pass on the Light of Awareness to Hearts that have the Ears to Hear, and the Eyes to See.

Imagine how quickly the world and how we all exist can change.

Walking the Wisdom of the Ages assisted by the tools of Technology.

Writing a new History for the generations to come.

A history where the cycles that keep us all trapped in fear, simply end.

Our “Flight or Fight” instincts return to their proper intended functions.

Resources are managed respectfully, and shared without reservation.

Where the Gift of being together is found in the warm glow of connected Hearts.

Where we all Live and Thrive.

Where WE ALL understand the meaning of the words…..

LOVE IS the Light in the Window of the Heart that Brings US ALL HOME.

This is a Dream worth Dreaming….. a History Worth Creating.

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