Global Learning Curve

Well Hello There!

Yep, it’s been a while.

This is certainly one heck of a Global Learning Curve we’ve landed ourselves on.

I must admit, when whole mess started, I was just a teeny bit excited about the prospect of having “permission” to stay home without a schedule.

Without a schedule and obligations to fulfill, there was a limitless amount of space for me to write, sing, play guitar, create fabulous meals, get all the “little” jobs around the house tidied up without interruption.

The thought was inspiring really.

So for the first couple of weeks it literally was viewed as a vacation.  “Coronacation” as the head household adolescent put it.

I enjoyed living in my lounge wear.   Waking up to drink tea and read at my leisure.  Making “Sunday” suppers whenever I felt like it.  It was easy to be at home for a couple of weeks.  Fun really.

And then after that magical couple of weeks, the media onslaught of fear.  Fear of sickness, fear of death, fear of loss, fear of lack, fear of separation, fear of other people, fear for loved ones, fear of political agendas,  fear of all the unknowns.

Lethargy took over.  A conscious allowing of it.   In this space there was little or no point to doing anything.  Each day becoming a repeat of the last.  A “Groundhog Day” of getting up, doing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning, making meals, puttering around outside and generally being irritated by the constraints of it all.

And then…perspective changer.

The stories of family and friends,  the “city dwellers” and the “country bumpkins” and everyone in between were starting to share the experiences of their collective and individual stories.

The word surreal is the only descriptive.

Over a year later, It still is.

There is outrage in my Heart at the manipulation that is occurring.

There is outrage at the forcible removing of the Rights and Freedoms that our Ancestors literally died for.

The Nuremberg Code of 1947 is being breached world wide.

I dumbfounds me at how complacent we as a world community have become.

At how we, as humans are allowing ourselves to be duped into making choices out of Fear and Ignorance.


I am a Human that truly stands for, and respects each individual’s right to choose what they do with their body.

I am a Human that truly stands for and respects each individual’s right to travel with unencumbered freedom.

I am a Human that truly stands for and respects each individual’s right to free speech.

I am a Human that remembers that Freedom is the right of every Sovereign Being…and every Human is Sovereign.

I am a Human who fell prey to the fear and complacency…..albeit briefly.

What is happening to us collectively and individually IS a crime against Humanity.

A crime against Humanity that has been executed through Legal, NOT Lawful loopholes.

There is a difference.

Legal applies to corporate/business enterprises.

Lawful applies to the common law that protects Humans as Sovereigns in their own right.

How many people have received the “shot” with full disclosure?

Consent, in order to be true, needs to be clear.

How many humans have been advised that by agreeing to receive the “shot” they are fully consenting to being part of a clinical trial?

An experimental technology that literally has the ability to change your DNA. Experimental Genetic Manipulation.

How many humans have been advised clearly that there is no recourse for them should they become injured or killed by being experimented on?

How many humans, healthy humans, are falling prey to the fear of a life of more unlawful restrictions? So they follow, reacting. Stimulated by fear rather than their innate rational grounded sense.

Why does questioning the morality, the ethics, the integrity of what mainstream media is pushing, result in either being blocked from speaking freely or being slandered?

Why are social media platforms and alternative news sources being blocked?

It’s been over 14 months…..if we were all receiving Responsible, Ethical, Integral, Moral, direction none of the questions above would exist.

Every Heart knows it’s own truth.

Every Heart knows the difference between Truth and Lies.

When the Heart becomes filled with fear, we stop questioning.

History is fully of horrific stories that show us clearly what happens when we hang our heads, pretending that what is going on has nothing to do with us.

And yet, here we are.

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