The moment I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought, a single word.


Personally I find it both Fascinating and Inspiring when a single word captures my attention.

As I sipped my morning Chai, my inner “word nerd” started to become curious.

Curiosity led me to questioning my Self, “do I know the proper meaning and application of the word?”

Rhetoric – The Art of using language where at least one person or group is trying to change the thinking of another person or group.

It has the ability to be used positively or negatively.

Aristotle referred to it as – The Art of persuasion by any means available.

Plato referred to it as – The Art of winning the soul by discourse.

Marcus Fabius Quintillanus – The Art of speaking well.

In addition, Marcus also felt, that in order to have True Rhetoric, a speaker must have high moral character, be knowledgeable about the subject and above all else be ethical.

This is where I had to pause, and let that last part sink in.

It required coffee…fresh brewed, full bodied dark roast.

If only 2021 reflected such high ideals and responsible care of the use of Rhetoric by our current world leaders!

Now with caffeine kicking, sun shining and muse underway, my objective questioning Self emerged.

Some common devices used in communications that try to persuade are Alliteration, Hyperbole and Anti-strophe.

By the time I got to here….I needed to refresh my own awareness of what each of these word-smithing devices meant!

Alliteration – the repetition of the same consonant sounds beginning several words in a sequence.

Hyperbole – use of exaggeration for emphasis.

Anti-strophe – repetition of the same word or phrase.

Where in our mass media communications are we able to see examples of the Art of Persuasion, the Winning of Souls, through discourse that uses any means necessary?

Where do we see the use of repetition of sounds, words and exaggerations for emphasis?

Where in our mass media communications are we able to see examples of the Art of Speaking Well, with Knowledge, High Moral Character and above all else Ethics?

Yes, these ARE Rhetorical questions.

Last thoughts,

If we were being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the current world situation, there would be no need to use Fear to propel Humans into giving up freedom and liberty.

There would be Knowledgeable, Honest, Clear, Moral and Ethical direction and we’d all be walking around unrestricted and unmasked.

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