Advocate – Someone who Fights for the Rights of Others.

Courage of Conviction…..When concern for Humanity supersedes the need for Self-Preservation.

Historically speaking, separation is a valuable tool to keep large numbers of people directing their anger at each other. It’s a tool that has helped governance hide less than altruistic agendas since the dawn of record keeping.

It’s one thing all Humans can agree on.

How many people do you know right now, that would put their Life’s work, Good Name, and Reputation, on the line?

If this was the kind of honesty, clarity and concern we were hearing from our governance…..Would there be a need to keep people scared and confused?

Sowing seeds of separation, has it ever brought the Global Community together?

Has slandering another human, ever been shown to bring kindness, honesty and genuine care?

Yes….more Rhetorical questions.

Today, may we each be kind enough to brighten another Human’s day!

Regardless of what “side” they are on.

May our Hearts…ALL… well.

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