Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking – noun The process of thinking carefully about a subject or idea, without allowing feelings or opinions to affect you.

Situations and experiences that illicit emotional reactions are the “road signs” in life that encourage Critical Thinking. Taking pause to challenge one’s Self to consider all perspectives with objectivity is a Life Skill of great value.

A powerful navigational tool when used to expand Self Awareness.

Hearts that are able to Think Critically, react and respond only after alternate views have been objectively considered.

This allows those same Hearts is to know what is accurate for themselves, with a Peace and Confidence that brings an unshakable sense of Well Being.

It also fosters Respect, Compassion and Kindness through negating any need to judge, criticize, condemn or disparage.

Where there is doubt, confusion, fear, or any other emotion that gums up the navigational process…’s time to…..

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