Temagami Teaches

Obabika Inlet, Lake Temagami

Hello All!

It’s been a little over 48 hours since I returned from a 2 week Northern Lake Temagami adventure.

Lake Temagami is one truly Special place on Earth. A place where one is still able to go, and literally “unplug”.

For 2 weeks, the only media access is a transistor radio. There is one radio station that mostly comes in. There is a two-way radio for weather updates and emergencies.

Digital devices…turned off unless needed, to save battery power (charging a cell phone without electricity takes a turn to years gone by with a piece of equipment called an inverter). Simply put, it is literally easier to turn the darn thing off and conserve the battery until you are sure you really want to use it.

For 9 years in a row, Lake Temagami has engaged my full and rapt attention.

The weather drives the choices of inside or outside activity.

The weather also shows you how to dress…with pragmatic practicality.

The sunrise wakes you naturally.

The sunset watched over a campfire, crickets, night birdsong, and water movement lull one to sleep when it gets dark.

Reading, writing, playing games, fishing, hiking, swimming some of the things that replace screen time.

There is no need for a clock…time literally ceases to exist..by choice.

Without lights, the view of the stars leaves the Heart wide open in a state of awe and wonder at the vastness beyond the Self.

Those same stars, their vastness….a reflection of the vastness within each of our Human Hearts.

There is a quiet that without effort, allows the Heart to think, sense and feel…and the mind to rest.

The Mosquitoes become important teachers in Temagami.

They teach you of how you dress, and when to go to bed.

They forcast humidity,…it makes them quite hungry and active.

They teach you about your own patience, resilience and ingenuity. Finding a way to co-exist without irritation…. that’s another story.

They also teach you where they like to live…and where you like to set up camp…..yet another story.

Pictures are taken here and there….consciously keeping the digital device off until the Beauty of what ever is surrounding, has captured my attention with pause to appreciate it.

The practice of only turning on my device, after recognizing the moment is being appreciated, allows “capturing on camera” to become a conscious act. (and as a side affect…it also keeps time “turn off” because when the device is off…you are off “clock free”…ha ha ha!)

Sometimes the moment of Beauty…especially involving moving Beings, is missed by waiting for the device to turn on…..those moments are when I choose to smile and know that it was meant simply for me to enjoy and remember.

Temagami taught me years ago the importance of Being “in choice” of my tech devices.

Technology is a powerful tool, when we choose to use it with “Jedi” responsibility.

Irresponsibly used, it’s rather easy to allow it to control you, and feed the “Sith” side of the personality.

(for the Non-Star Wars speakers out there…Jedi’s are the ones using the “force” for the power of “good”….and Sith’s….well,,,, the opposite)

Bringing that wisdom home with me, has led to implementing “cut off” time for cell phone…generally from after dinner until after morning tea.

The same goes for my laptop. When open and in use, it is for a purpose. It is used to communicate, learn, educate and Inspire.

Consciously creating space in each day to turn off the tech is an action of empowerment.

Consciously removing yourself from accessing tech, literally for days at a time, throughout the year…a huge benefit in well being…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Temagami Teaches and Reminds me, how simple it is be present when we create the space for it.

Unplug a little every day….in a conscious way.

It allows Soveriegn Peace and Grace to fill the Heart space in a way, that with aware application, morphs into a way of Being that requires only the energy of a single breath to regain.

And now…it’s time to turn off this tech …step outside, breath in the warm sweet smells of the humid humid evening air, and say “Thank you” for this today.

All the while, with a smile.

Knowing, that in about 15 ms….I will be back inside…because the Mosquitoes love humidity here as well.

Shine Big, Shine Bright,


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