Kindly Say No Thank-you.

This is a copy of the Letter/email I sent to my Employer along with the appropriate Liability Notices…easily printed from the Action4Canada, Stand Up Canada websites.

Dear (Name of Presient/Manager/Supervisor)
This is quite a challenge. It makes my insides want to jump out actually…out of fear of insulting or hurting any of you in any way shape or form.
Please know that I genuinely care and value you and every team member I work with.
My work ethic and contribution to our team has and will always be authentic.
These Notices of Liability are the furthest thing from personal.

I Do Not Consent to masking. I Do Not Consent to testing. I Do Not Consent to sharing my private medical status. I Do Not Consent to Covid (Certificate of Vaccination Identification -19) Education I Do Not Consent to Covid (Certificate of Vaccination Identification-19) Injections.
I refuse to work under circumstances that violate Human Rights and Freedoms, Globally and in Canada. When these are no longer a part of (Business Name)’s operating perimeters, please let me know.
You will be receiving copies of these notices via registered mail. 
Please forward as per need.
Respectfully and Kindly, Alisa

Send them to School Boards, Elected Officials, Medical Personnel, Employers, Universities/Colleges…..there are Notices for every section of society that is currently under seige.

Acting Individually…with the same collective NO….Empowers YOU…and ALL Humans at the same time.

Win/Win scenario.

Blessings, Courage, Strength and Unity.

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