Letter To My Children Who Took The Jab

Wonderful, Concise, Compassionate, Awareness

Herbal and Alternative Medicine Uncensored

Readers… please feel free to use this writing adapted with your personal message to send to your family and friends who took the jab.

Dear T and K,

I am truly sorry for some of our conversation, T, during my visit. I think perhaps we both said things that were not only hurtful but out of the heat of frustration and anger. I know for me it came because I was not prepared. I’m prepared now.

I want you to know that I love you, and the family you have created. My wish for you all is prosperity and health, love and joy.

This particular time in my life is filled with concerns for the future for those around me as well as myself. I am so unsure as to how to proceed and, as well, I have been having some pretty intense bouts of depression since being in Costa…

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