So….you wish to know who I AM, do YOU?  LOL!

Ok then…Remember…YOU clicked on the tab …… (yes I DO think I am Funny!)

Who is Alisa Liverance? 

I AM …. what we ALL are.

A Human, who wears all the same hats, fills all the same roles. 

A unique individual. Just like You.  

A Human,  here to help more than hinder. Just like You

A Human, like you, here on the Earth who Sees, Hears and Feels.  Just like You.

A Human with battle scars to Heal. Just like You.

A Reflection of each and every other Human.

A Human that thrives on BEing Encouraged and Empowered to Grow. Just like You.

A Human, just like You…. Experiencing, all of it…. positive, negative or the sweet spot balance, right there, smack dab in the middle.  

Alisa 🙂