So….you wish to know who I AM, do YOU?  LOL!

Ok then…Remember…YOU clicked on the tab …… (yes I DO think I am Funny!)

Who is Alisa Liverance? 

I AM …. A Healer, An Empath, An Intuit, A Guide, A Teacher, A Student, as well as…., Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Cook, Housekeeper, Writer, Singer, Bus Driver, and more.  We all ARE.

I AM another Human, who “gets it”. 

Get’s What?  you ask…WEll then…Let me share….  😉

I get that we All are meant to be unique individual’s that are Able and Capable to bring our Light, our Gifts, our Abilities, Our Awareness into this world.

I get that we are here to Help each other create Unity.

I get that Unity in our created by first learning to create Unity within Our Self.

I get that in order to Learn how to create Unity within the Self, we need to Learn how to Heal.

I get that in order to Heal, we need to be brave enough to look in the mirror and  Learn to BEcome Accountable for seeing all the less than positive…let’s call it “shadowy” stuff that we each carry….and BEcome comfortable with it.  (that’s a challenging part…just sayin’….ha ha ha ha!)

I get that BEing Encouraged and Empowered to Grow creates the opportunity for our Free Will to kick in, so we BEcome willing to want to.

And…I Get that I AM here, just like You…. feeling, seeing, sensing, hearing, experiencing, all of it….whether positive, negative or in the sweet spot where it all comes into balance. 

Big Bright Blessings and Gratitude,