Encouragement When Miracles in their BEginningness appear, Remember to Pause, Centre, Balance, & Breath My Dear’s! Transforming the “niggle” of fear to Excited Possibility, Is Truly an Art form that can set  you Free. Using the Wisdom of Insights and the Power of Words, Mix in some Patience, and Knowing, Trusting to BE Heard. The…Read more »


This whole blog was inspired in a moment…when I realized that the adolescent ears in front of me had completely turned off.  Incidentally, it happened about the same time the eyes glazed over. Rather than continue to grow my frustration in the situation….I changed directions and  stopped myself from repeating the words that were turning…Read more »

Unity Song

When HUmans find their place in Life, Individual’s choosing the Whole,  Wonder-filled feelings fill the Heart, As Moments more Clearly Unfold. Walking Quietly through the World, Allowing space for healing Growth, Inspires, Ignites and Anchors, For Self and Other’s Both. Seeing the Bigger Picture, Of How WE each BElong, Teaches us how to BE Unique,…Read more »

Slighted…..A Perspective.

When  a Human Being (the Slighter) dismiss’ another (the Slighted) as unimportant, it stings, right there in the centre of the chest.  No One enjoy’s feeling “small” and “disrespected”.  Nor should they.   It’s uncalled for, and unnecessary. When we find ourselves on the receiving end of someone elses’ yuk, it can be quite difficult to…Read more »