Deeper Conversations—Expand Critical Thinking

Morning Message — April 28, 2022

Breathe deeply, and fill with Peace. A new horizon dawns in the East. The Golden Hearts of Old, with Truth Arise, United as One, All Humans to Thrive. There is as of yet, much to unveil, the lifting of blinders, Releasing, Allowing, Aware, Lead by Example, in all that you choose, Showing the way of…Read more »

Sharing from An Open Heart

The following is the Heartfelt message, Shared by the Author to close the March 29th, 2022 Action4Canada Meeting in Owen Sound. Passing it on, with permission by the Beautiful Light that Voiced it with Love, Compassion and Clarity. Thank-You Shelly 🙂

REVISED Quotable Quote…Rhetorical Questions INcluded :)

The original version of this quote was by former Prime Minister John G. Deifenbaker. He spoke these words in regards to enacting the Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960 c. 44. In 1960 it read as such, “I am a Canadian, a free Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship God in my own…Read more »

LOVE –Who, What, When,Why, Where and How.

Love is WHO We ARE. Love is WHAT WE are ALL Here to Remember and Share with Each Other. Love is WHEN We are able to See, Feel and Hear how We are ALL Reflections of each other… Our Joy, Our Suffering, and Everything in Between. Love is WHY We are Here. Love is WHERE…Read more »

Kindly Say No Thank-you.

This is a copy of the Letter/email I sent to my Employer along with the appropriate Liability Notices…easily printed from the Action4Canada, Stand Up Canada websites. Dear (Name of Presient/Manager/Supervisor)This is quite a challenge. It makes my insides want to jump out actually…out of fear of insulting or hurting any of you in…Read more »

Humans – a Unity Story

Once upon a time, there was a race called Humans living on a planet called Earth. These Humans were a curious lot. Their exteriors made it seem like there were many different kinds of them. They came in different sizes, shapes and colours. They lived in different areas on the planet. They ate different foods.…Read more »