Hear Your Words

When Challenged by the Personalities of Other Humans, REmember…. Other Humans feel challenged by our Personalities Too! Choose to Hear your Words as you speak. Spoken words that are filled with Honesty, Integrity, Objectivity, Honour, Patience, Kindness, and Love, are the words that ears are more capable of hearing. When we approach our communications by…Read more »

Birthday Navigation

February 9th, 2019 ūüôā Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday Dear Loving, Kind, Intelligent, Articulate, Creative, Intuitive, Empathic, Compassionate, Joyful, Inspired, Lighted, Beautiful Alisa. Happy Birthday tooooooo¬† MEeeeeeee ūüôā Yep…it’s my Birthday.¬† ¬† An ending joined to the beginning of a personal cycle.¬† Ready for the next solar return, armed with…Read more »

Learning to “BE”

Learning to authentically share who we are….can be like navigating a minefield.¬† You just never know…which reaction or response to any given situation is going to end up with some sort of explosion to deal with or pleasant acceptance…it really can go either way! It is understandable why we avoid allowing ourselves to just BE.…Read more »

BEing In Service to YOUR Life.

  The word servant came up in conversation the other day.¬† There was no thing in the context in which it used that was offensive.¬† Even so, It triggered my lower vibrational responses…immediately. You know it….The feeling when another Human steps on your last nerve. Why did the use of the word servant irritate me…Read more »

Experiencing Moments

We ARE, Each and Every One of us Humans, experiencing the same “thing”.¬† ¬† This “thing” I speak of is Life.¬† (In this context I mean Life as the series of,¬†cycles created by experiencing¬† the moments that make up our days. If we approach each day as a series of experienced moments…it can soon be…Read more »