May 19, 2023 – Pondering Values.

Values — A fair and beautiful Life is created when the Humans choose to think, speak and act from the awareness that includes the Core Values born from Love. Treat others as you treat your self…kindness creates kindness…ill treatment of self creates ill treatment of others. What am I creating for my self and others…Read more »

Leaders of Conscience

As the material world of political correctness, Implodes on itself….be in good cheer…, The Leaders of Conscience, Those who know their own Self well, Shine Gentle Confidence and Kindness that is clear. Humans of Conscience need no identity, To explain to world who they are. They speak without fanfare, Authentically…leading by example The qualities once…Read more »

The Natural World is a Mirror

Earth, Air, Water, Fire… The Natural World is a Mirror… A Reflection of You… A Reflection of Me… and the Limitless Potential We are Created to BE.