Internal Revelations

  In Giving to humanity,  The Light that lies within,  A Strength, the bond of Unity,  In Humankind again. Internal Revelations,  Clearly handed through,  The Veils of the dimensions,  Accessible to You! Take not this knowledge lightly,  An ancient story emerges.  Ability to respond to NOW,  The future life encourages. Your Loyalty to humanity,  The…Read more »

Hear Your Words

When Challenged by the Personalities of Other Humans, REmember…. Other Humans feel challenged by our Personalities Too! Choose to Hear your Words as you speak. Spoken words that are filled with Honesty, Integrity, Objectivity, Honour, Patience, Kindness, and Love, are the words that ears are more capable of hearing. When we approach our communications by…Read more »