Rhetorical Questions — August 31, 2022

What if You Knew…beyond a shadow of a doubt…that Every other Human Being You see….feels the same suffering of Heart, Mind and Spirit as You? Regardless of how that suffering was caused. Today I Pray….Every Beating Heart meets their most Kind Compassionate Self as the Journey of Today rises up to greet Us All. Amen

Humans – a Unity Story

Once upon a time, there was a race called Humans living on a planet called Earth. These Humans were a curious lot. Their exteriors made it seem like there were many different kinds of them. They came in different sizes, shapes and colours. They lived in different areas on the planet. They ate different foods.…Read more »

Voice of Intuition

Quiet, Listen!….can you hear? The soft, guiding voice INside. That’s YOU! INtuition speaks gently, So Still your Self and hear. Sing Beautiful ONE!  Sing! INspired, INtuitive, INnovative, INnate. It’s all withIN You. The outside has no IN. It’s a reflective surface. A reflection of the cumulative visions of ALL Humans. It’s the screen on which…Read more »