Rhetorical Questions — August 31, 2022

What if You Knew…beyond a shadow of a doubt…that Every other Human Being You see….feels the same suffering of Heart, Mind and Spirit as You? Regardless of how that suffering was caused. Today I Pray….Every Beating Heart meets their most Kind Compassionate Self as the Journey of Today rises up to greet Us All. Amen

Thinking Together

The winds of winter Sing and Swirl, As the fire burns The chimney smoke curls, There is warmth found within This our humble abode, Peaceful contentment, In a world of unknown. When given the space, The time to reflect, We discover quite simply, Just how much unrest, There is in our minds, And the Hearts…Read more »

Humans of Faith

Humans of Faith know there is a reason for everything.  Especially when we are unable to comprehend it. Humans of Faith have the courage to stay grounded and calm.  Trusting that they are Loved and Supported by a Presence that is All encompassing. Humans of Faith know that they are never alone.  Even when there…Read more »